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Artist Statement

My painting is generally done plein air to create color studies of the natural world around me. I work to capture to fleeting nature and quality of light in the tradition of the Cape School of Art.  Secondarily, I make work that many would say is based in social or political commentary. For me the two seemingly disparate art practices are inextricably intertwined. Each is necessary to keep the other fresh and both are strongly influenced by the languages of color, line, text and image. Both are influenced by the world around us to provide material and context. I prefer to work quickly and boldly—to best reflect my passion for the exploration of the artist’s hand or gesture and how it can define a work of art. I adore words, vintage images and pattern. I use these to bring ideas about femininity, sex, family and politics to my collage-based and monoprint work. I love the power of light to define mood and message. The exploration of that light is the basis of most of my plein air work. I work to make all of my art at once intimate and universally accessible. 


I live in Provincetown with my son, a student in the Provincetown Schools. I have a B.S. degree from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. I have studied extensively at the Cape School of Art; the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; MassArt; the DeCordova Museum School; FAWC and PAAM. My studio is located at 14 Bradford St. in Provincetown.


KD Mernin


Photo copyright Anne Saint Peter 2011